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  • Casting Rolling Mills

    Casting Rolling Mills

    A continuous casting rolling mill is a specific mill that is used for the process of taking molten steel and solidifying it into a “semi-finished” billet, bloom, or slab for subsequent rolling in the finishing mills.

  • What Is A Rolling Mill Used For

    What Is A Rolling Mill Used For

    Many metal working plants employ the use of rolling mills.  Whether your business needs a new or used piece of equipment, our team at American Steel Products can help you find the right equipment to solve your needs.

  • American Steel Products & Services

    American Steel Products & Services

    For information about our products and services that extend beyond rolling mills, please visit our cut to length lines, and slitting lines and levelers web pages. We also offer pipe and tube equipment and service engineering on our equipment or yours.

  • 3-High Rolling Mill

    3-High Rolling Mill

    Three-high rolling mills consist of a large back up roll, small work roll, and another large back up roll. The purpose is to have a very minimum amount of reduction.  Three-high mills are commonly used for making bearing material for gasoline and diesel engines.