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Three Types Of Rolling Mills

Three Types Of Rolling Mills

In a previous article, we briefly outlined rolling mills, and the different types.  In this article, and one to follow, we will go into more depth on the differences of each.  The focus will be on the two-high pull over mill, two-high reversing mill, and the three-high rolling mill. At American Steel, we believe understanding the differences will help our customers make the correct choice for their specific needs.


Two-High pull over mill
As the name implies, it has two rolls with a constant direction of rotation around a horizontal axes.  The two-high mill is the most common and simplest type of rolling mill.  To achieve successive reductions, the stock is returned to the entrance of the mill by hand or by means of a platform that can be raised to pass the stock over the rolls. To achieve the rolling process, the material is drawn by friction in one direction only. The upper roll can be raised or lowered to change the distance between the rolls.


Two-High reversing mill
You can see an improvement in productivity when using the two-high reversing mill.  The work can be passed back and forth through the rolls via reversal of their direction and rotations.  This enables the work to travel in a unilateral direction, and then back through in the other direction. A series of reductions can be made using the same set of rolls – passing the work back to front.


Three-High rolling mill
With the two-high reversing mills come a few disadvantages that are overcome by using a three-high rolling mill with a constant direction of rotation arranged in a single vertical plane.  At either both, or one side of the stand are lifting tables to raise and lower the bar with each pass.  In a three-high mill, the top and bottom rolls are drive rolls and the middle rotates by friction. These mills are employed as blooming mills for billet and finishing rolls.


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