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The edging process involves placing the edge of slit material, or edges of sheared bar under tremendous pressure between two or more sets of round dies, either to remove a burr caused by upstream processing or to impart a desired shape at the edge. Sometimes the edging process is done for safety reasons due to the potential of cutting your hands because of a sharp edge. One example is a lawn mower blade or a roll formed fence post. It might also be used in drawer tracks or seat tracks in an automobile. Another reason an edging line might be used is for cosmetic appeal in a stainless steel table or fixture.

The shape of the edge is controlled by creating a specific machined profile into sets of hardened and ground alloy steel rollers. Multiple pairs of rollers, sometimes driven in the case of heavy gauge material, progressively contour the edge until the final result is achieved. ASP edging lines have dual grooved rolls so changing from one thickness to another is easily accomplished by rotating over the roll sets of dies to use the other grooved section. Our edging system can be a stand-alone unit for sheared bar to finished edged bar or slit coil to edged bar (and cut to length) or coil to coil edging for high production. For the ultimate in high productivity, a flying shear can be added to cut to length an very high speeds feeding a dual stacking unit. Many service centers enjoy our edging lines as they can take obsolete inventory or edge cuts and edge drops from a slitting operations and turn them into more lucrative and salable products. Our line-up of edger’s can accommodate from 1” to 48” wide, .040” to .625” thick, in material up to 50,000 psi yield strength, in speeds up to 250 FPM.

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  • Which edging line is right for me?

    ASP works directly with the client to determine the specifics regarding their needs. Rest assured, we have the right product to meet the solutions you require. New or used, big or small, a quick consultation will allow us to find the right fit!

  • Should I choose new or used?

    This is typically an internal quest but we can help make it easier for you! A few questions you may ask before determining that question are as follows:

    • What’s your budget?
    • How quickly do you need it?
    • Is having a warranty a concern?
    • What condition are you expecting the equipment to be in?

    These are more are questions that should be answered before deciding on new versus used equipment. If you need help understanding your needs and what is right for you, contact ASP today!

  • Can you meet my budget?

    With over 60 years of experience we have been providing solutions to our clients with a wide range of budgets and monetary funding. Whether you have 1M or 100k, we can find the equipment to meet your budgetary requirements.

  • How do I order equipment?

    Contact us via our contact page, the form below or for immediate response, call us directly at 419.843.6051. We can assign you a dedicated representative who will be with you throughout the entire ordering, delivery and installation process; assuring all your needs are met!

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