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Compacting Rolling Mill

Compacting Rolling Mill

A compacting rolling mill is used for the purposes of converting powder, or powder like materials into a continuous strip.  Typically, the continuous strip is processed through a sintering furnace prior to being processed into finished productions.  A compacting rolling mill is usually a 2-high mill with configurations of either a horizontal or vertical plane.


The rolling mill can also have multiple configurations based on the metal type, thickness and yield applications with a wide variety of feedback options for the roll positioning providing tight output tolerances.  This mill can provide output to tolerances of better than +/-0.0001” ((+/-4um).


At American Steel, we can offer you different options to increase the overall productivity for your equipment.  Some of those options are:

  • Repetitive reduction schedules
  • Quick roll change out options
  • Automatic gauge control features


As previously noted, a compacting rolling mill turns powder(s) from various exotic alloys, like monel, nickel, inconel, alloy 20, hastelloy and chrome-moly, and turns them into a continuous strip that can then be used in multiple industrial disciplines.   Some of the industries that are served by a compacting rolling mill are, but not limited to, integrated mills, mini mills, manufacturing, service centers, construction, and aerospace/military disciplines.


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