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  • What Is A Z-High® Mill?

    What Is A Z-High® Mill?

    Unlike a traditional rolling mill, a Z-High® mill is a 20-high cluster mill configuration that utilizes cascaded supporting rolls to apply force on the small work rolls in the center. This allows the application of a higher roll pressure without bending the work rolls, which would result in poor metal quality. As a result, very hard and elastic materials can be rolled.

  • Compacting Rolling Mill

    Compacting Rolling Mill

    A compacting rolling mill is used for the purposes of converting powder, or powder like materials into a continuous strip.  Typically, the continuous strip is processed through a sintering furnace prior to being processed into finished productions.  A compacting rolling mill is usually a 2-high mill with configurations of either a horizontal or vertical plane.

  • Three Types Of Rolling Mills

    Three Types Of Rolling Mills

    In a previous article, we briefly outlined rolling mills, and the different types.  In this article, and one to follow, we will go into more depth on the differences of each.  The focus will be on the two-high pull over mill, two-high reversing mill, and the three-high rolling mill. At American Steel, we believe understanding the differences will help our customers make the correct choice for their specific needs.

  • Types Of Rolling Mills

    Types Of Rolling Mills

    It has been suggested that Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first rolling mill, but what exactly is a rolling mill?  Rolling mills are units in which a metal forming process takes place. During this process various metal materials get passed through a massive pair of rolls, or material handling equipment.