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Embossing Rolling Mills

Embossing Rolling Mills

Embossing rolling mills are simply rolling mills that will create patterns or indents into metal strips.  The patterns can be decorative, or help with the structural qualities of tubing, or to simply increase the strength of the material length without any significant decrease to the material thickness for additional cost effectiveness.

When embossing metals, you are by nature, imparting variable stresses across the width of said materials; it’s important to tightly control certain rolling parameters.

There is a variety of options available when it comes to the exact embossing rolling mill for your needs.  They include:

* Embossed pattern profiling systems
* Finite tension control systems
* Quick roll change out options
* Automatic gauge control features
* Repetitive reduction schedules
* Zoned lubrication systems with specialized lubricants

Industrially manufactured embossed sheets have a regular, raised geometric pattern with either a smooth, brushed, matt or shiny surface.  When the material is passed between the two molds, the thickness of the sheet remains unchanged. The process of embossing the metal gives rise to two different sides, one with a raised pattern and one with indentations. The side with the raised pattern is usually the one that is displayed.  For instance, you see this displayed in the automotive industry with tool boxes, or in interior construction with kitchen design, and exterior construction in newer architectural designs.

Stainless steel, Carbon/mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and titanium are all examples of metals that can be embossed for various specifications.

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