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What is an Edging Line?

What is an Edging Line?

An edging line is used to condition the edges of assorted metals.  Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, lead and other rare alloys, are metals on which an edging line is useful.

The design ranges of an edging line can be from a very simple set of hardened tool steel roller assemblies for de-burring, to a high-production, fully automated type line that is capable of producing full round, or shaped edges.  To accomplish the various shapes, a set or sets of opposing hardened steel rollers with specific patterns cut into the outside circumference of your metal. For instance, if you need a round edge, more than one roller set is necessary.  In this instance, each set of rollers will have a slightly different pattern, thereby allowing each roller to do a small amount of edging until the last set produces the final shape.

Many edging lines are incorporated into cut-to-length lines equipped with flying shears for continuous running to ensure burr-free specialty flat bars that are created from coil.

An edging line can also be used to apply profile patterns to the edge of a bar. This profiling can be used to create unique flat bar shapes for finished products that need specialized heat transfer, electrical, or nesting applications.

Edging lines can be used in a variety of industries, including integrated mills, mini-mills, aerospace/military, manufacturing, service centers and construction.

The versatility of ASP’s edging lines along with up-to-date technology gives our clients the ability to decrease downtime while increasing their ROI. This is accomplished with extremely quick response times from ordering to delivery to installation of the machinery.

Included in most new and used edging lines are digital controls along with safety and monitoring equipment which allows for the best of industry standards to be placed right in your hands

We have an array of machinery both new and used including multiple speeds and strips resulting in functionality for numerous industrial and commercial uses.

We work directly with you to determine the specifics regarding their needs. Rest assured, we have the right product to meet the solutions you require. New or used, big or small, a quick consultation will allow us to find the right fit!