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What Is A Slitting Line?

What Is A Slitting Line?

If you aren’t familiar with the metal processing machine industry you may not have a good grasp on how metal is processed and what types of machines are used to create ready-to-use products. There are numerous ways to process metal but before most metal goes to a manufacture, it needs to be processed to the correct specifications of the clients job. This may be done on site or outsourced to company like American Steel Products, either way, the results must be precise in order to fulfill the clients needs. This could be anything from the size, width, weight or shape of the metal to be processed for their specific needs. Once an order comes in, the process begins.

Before metal is cut to a specific weight or width, it comes in the form of a massive coil weighing thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of pounds. These coils are then processed by a machine known as a slitting line. The function of the slitting line is to break down these coils into smaller pieces based on the customers’ needs. Once the coils are uncoiled they are then cut to the specifications need; they are then recoiled and shipped off to be used by the client.

When considering what machine is right for a specific job, it is important to consider the thickness of the material being processed, the type of material being used, the end usage of the material, and the amount of metal that will be processed by the machine on an annual basis. These are all important factors to ensure the finished product is produced on time and within the correct specifications needed.

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