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Understanding Press Feed Technology

Understanding Press Feed Technology

With major technology shifts in how stamping presses are fed, stampers are now able to realize increased processing speeds, improved processing flexibility, better quality, reliability and easier setup.

The advancements in press feed technology include space-saving line configurations, pilot release, transfer/progressive operations and scratch-free processing, i.e., can gently handle prepainted coil.

Even with these advancements, a press feed must meet three basic and important criteria to be successful.  Setup must be flexible. The press feed must deliver the material with sufficient precision into the tool and die, and it must feed at the correct time.

It’s important to note that press feed must not only move the proper amount of material into the tool, it must position it correctly into the die—front to back, side to side, and square with the tool.

The main features of the press are:

  • A frame which support a ram or a slide and a bed, a source of mechanism for operating the ram in line with and normal to the bed.
  • The ram is equipped with suitable punch/punches and a die block is attached to the bed.
  • A stamping is produced by the downward stroke of the ram when the punch moves towards and into the die block.
  • The punch and die block assembly is generally termed as a “die set” or simple as the “die”

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