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What Is A Press Blanking Line?

What Is A Press Blanking Line?

A press blanking line is specially designed for the high-quality demands of the automotive and fabricating industries, including suppliers of “surface exposed” panels and other auxiliary sectors.  The need for cutting blanks adapted to the final shape of the part has given rise to a bigger demand in press blanking lines.

Press Blanking Lines will process material up to 72 inches (1828mm) wide and .250 inches (6.35mm) thick from coils up to 80,000 lbs. (36 tonnes) with an outside diameter of up to 100” (2540 mm).

Some of the features typically include:

Off-line Entry Coil Prep Station  

This is completely customized to our customers’ particular needs. Coils can be partially de-banded, cropped to eliminate the first few wraps if necessary, or organized onto coil racks in order of processing, etc.

Strip Cleaning and Drying Section

American Steel can supply and integrate any strip cleaning and drying system into press feed equipment.

Precision Feed Roll Systems

Precision feed roll systems provide precise feeding of the strip in exact incremental lengths to the blanking press, based on blank size requirements.

For many applications, there are both upstream and downstream components depending on the specific industry. Blanking lines with cut-to-length shears are the right solution if processes that are limited to simple shapes. Laser blanking lines are flexible and space saving, the right solution for production lines where frequent changes are made.

Whether you need a complete solution from start to finish or you need to replace a section of your production line, American Steel Products is here to help.  We will assist you in finding a press blanking line and other components best suited to your company’s needs and budget

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