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Lubricants and Coolants & Modifying Metals

Lubricants and Coolants & Modifying Metals

Reducing can be done with extreme pressure lubricants at speeds over 7,000 FPM.  There are many mills that run at very low speeds when reducing expensive alloys such as beryllium, copper, tantalum, and gold and use little or no lubricant or coolant.  Many lubricants are good for extreme pressure, but they can also act as a coolant.  Water is still considered one of the greatest liquid coolants.  An extreme pressure lubricant mixed with water makes a good lubricant.  All of the power that goes into reducing goes into heat.  The heat goes into the strip and the rolls.  Therefore, you need good coolant when reducing at continuous high rates of speed.


Modifying the Surface of Any Metal

Some aluminum or stainless products, such as concentrated solar collectors, require a mirror finish, reflective surface.  If the rolling mill roll is polished, high chrome surface, the roll will develop the same polished surface.  The rolls need to be kept absolutely clean, and as with many rolling mills, the rolls are constantly cleaned while they are rotating.  Cleaning rolls is sometimes done with a 3M Scotch-Brite™ abrasive product.  Many of these brushes are mounted in a rotating type shaft covering the full width of the work roll and the back up roll.


Concrete Rebar and Embossed and Slit Flat Bar

Rod and wire require an unusual surface so concrete fuses well to it.  This increases the tensile strength of the concrete to prevent cracks.  Special embossed rod and wire, including stainless and carbon steel can be used for concrete.  Any embossed flat bar or slit wire can be used instead of rebar.  Much wire and rebar is held in tension while the concrete sets.  This is known as precast concrete.  Slit flat bar is embossed cold and used in concrete in developing countries.