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  • Plate Levelers

    Plate Levelers

    Even with the use of the most up-to-date technology, flatness defects along with internal stresses cannot be avoided during the manufacture of hardened and tempered plate. Therefore, it is essential to use plate levelers after heat treatment, reducing internal stresses at the same time.

  • Two High Rolling Mills

    Two High Rolling Mills

    Rolling mills are classified according to the number and arrangement of the rolls.  A two high rolling mill can further be classified as a reversing and a non-reversing mill.

  • What Is A Z-High® Mill?

    What Is A Z-High® Mill?

    Unlike a traditional rolling mill, a Z-High® mill is a 20-high cluster mill configuration that utilizes cascaded supporting rolls to apply force on the small work rolls in the center. This allows the application of a higher roll pressure without bending the work rolls, which would result in poor metal quality. As a result, very hard and elastic materials can be rolled.

  • Corrective Leveler

    Corrective Leveler

    There are two main goals behind the science of leveling metal strips. One is to make the surface flat, and ripple-free. The second is to eliminate any hidden internal stresses that can cause the strips to twist and bow during subsequent operations, such as stamping.