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  • Embossing


    Many architectural materials are embossed for beauty and appearance.  Metals can be embossed and painted to look like wood.  The inside of an elevator has embossed material. Some cold rolled is rolled with a satin finish so that it has more area to fuse to the paint or galvanized surface.

  • Expanded Metals

    Expanded Metals

    Expanded metal is used primarily for grating, filtration media, and fencing.  Carbon and stainless steels can be perforated with holes or expanded to a diamond shaped pattern, which reduces the surface area.

  • Powdered Metals

    Powdered Metals

    There are many methods of producing metal into powder.  This is a technology that is becoming more common today.  Some high strength, high temperature alloys are made from powder.  After rolling into a strip, the powder is put through a furnace and brought up to a eutectic temperature where the chemical reaction causes the elements to mix without melting.

  • Reducing Metals

    Reducing Metals

    There are many large rolling mills, including rolling mills that roll hot steel slabs 16” thick x 160” wide down to steel plate.  When we think of reducing, we think of at least 20% thickness reduction per pass or many passes.  In all cases, by reducing hot or cold metals, you improve its grain structure.