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  • Automation for Reverse Mill Rolling

    Automation for Reverse Mill Rolling

    A pit type coil car receives coils from the rack over a pit.  The coil car places the coil onto the single-end hydraulic expanding mandrel uncoiler.  The uncoiler is equipped with an electric motor regenerative brake or a water cooled brake system. 

  • Other Metals

    Other Metals

    Gold and silver are rolled on a rolling mill.  All coins made from copper zinc coils are made on a rolling mill.  In fact, almost any metal can be rolled on a rolling mill.  This includes lithium for batteries and uranium for atomic energy. 

  • Stainless and Stainless Alloys

    Stainless and Stainless Alloys

    There are many stainless alloys.  The most common is 300 series.  The most important purpose is to have a metal that will not rust or corrode.  Many stainless steels can be surface polished or brushed to make a product that will last indefinitely around mixtures of water. 

  • Hydraulic Screwdowns

    Hydraulic Screwdowns

    Practically all new rolling mills today are equipped with hydraulic screwdowns for hot or cold rolling.  A disadvantage of mechanical screwdowns is the fact that you cannot adjust accurately while the screwdowns are under pressure.